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My experience in the world of consulting began in the early 1980's when Mark D Wasserkrug Consulting provided marketing, advertising and Quality Assurance Management plans for small business and later expanded to provide services to mid-size and large corporations including grocery chains, media companies, and direct mail marketing firms. For over 20 years I was an independent corporate consultant working hard to achieve a successful career. The compensation was excellent and having a passion for gun collecting, I invested heavily in collectable firearms both antique and modern. Back in the 1970's I knew the Colt Python had merit as it was a fine firearm, hand-tuned and finished by the Colt Custom Shop. Early-on I purchased dozens of Pythons from the early models to the Elite models and tucked them away as a future investment. I believe God blessed me with good judgement when it came to my firearms investments. My Colt Python investment over the past 20+ years has "ballooned" into a great "retirement fund" for my wife and I. No, I'm not ready to retire, but you get the picture! Good investments can bring you pleasure. I have found Gun Collecting not only be enjoyable but also exceptionally profitable!  


In 2020, Mark D Wasserkrug Consulting has turned-the-corner and taken on a new direction, revised the business plan and is now focused on classic and collectable firearms. As a consultant now giving some free advice, if you haven't recently updated your firearms collection portfolio or identified all of your inventory, now may be a good time to do so. Don't find yourself looking to liquidate a firearm and having no idea of it's current value or it's unique features.  Having owned a successful gun shop in Palm Desert California for 14 years you would be surprised at all of the people who came into the shop to liquidate their gun collections and had no idea of the actual current values. Visiting online auction sites is not a necessarily a good way to realize your gun values as many online auctions tend to start with lofty unrealistic starting bids. These highly priced guns often run on these sites for months and sometimes years without bids. Their starting bids look good being offered at such a high price. At first glance you may think your own firearm, similar to the one you are looking at, is incredibly valuable. Unfortunately when you check the completed auction selling prices for these guns you will see similar items being sold for half the price or less. The reality is your firearm may be valuable or not, but you will need a trusted source to fetch the data. A proper evaluation focuses on current multiple auction results and recent market trends. I do not do appraisals. I do evaluations and keep the cost down to the client. Over the years I have provided many evaluations to insurance companies wanting to cover their client's loss or damage as well as gun shops and collectors.  I have a strong record of providing up-to-date accurate data quickly to firearms retailers as well as individual collectors and enthusiasts. Even in today's economic climate your firearms generally continue to appreciate in value.

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Please don't hesitate to give me a call. Whether you are a private collector, firearms retailer or insurance company, I am ready to provide you details on how easy it is for me to professionally, evaluate your firearm(s). One gun or a hundred or more, I can help you realize the true up-to-date values/conditions of your collectable firearms. I am also available for specialized assignments upon request. Please call for details  1-760-341-2560