My Experience

After 40 years in the industry as a collector of fine antique and modern firearms, 14 years as a firearms shop owner/operator I offer my experience and service to help you update/evaluate your collection. Now, piece-by-piece evaluations and valuations (not appraisals) will help you realize the unique qualities of your individual collectable firearms. Whether Antique or Modern, rifle or revolver, carbine or pistol, flintlock, percussion, cartridge, bolt-action, or semi-automatic your firearm has most likely appreciated in value. I can evaluate your collection either in-person or via internet using digital images along with my independent research. I specialize in unique collectable firearms manufactured from 1500-1969.

Why use my services?

Over the years I have performed firearms evaluations for insurance companies as well as gun shops and private collectors. Evaluations are necessary from time-to-time to better understand the demand for certain makes and models as well as appreciated values. Often, I find unique qualities and features within individual firearms that makes it rare and valuable. Don't underestimate your collection or pay more than you need to for an anticipated acquisition. 

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